Evan Byrne

Software developer passionate about solving complex problems with code and teamwork.

Featured Work

MIT - Solve
The companion website and social network for the annual Solve competition at MIT. Our small team strategized, designed, and developed a custom solution to fit Solve's specific needs.

IMSE provides teachers with the knowledge and tools to promote individual reading excellence. I built their Django-based e-commerce system, which processes millions of US dollars in training event sales annually.

Fireant Studio
Redesign of the Fireant website intended to showcase the work we have been doing. Oversaw the full-team effort as engineering lead. Everyone contributed significantly to the successful launch of the new website.

Oliver Wyman Forum
Website and iOS app for Oliver Wyman's latest publication. Our two-person development team used Django for the back-end and JSON API, Wagtail for expressive content editing, and React Native for the app.

Frost Motion
Website for a motion design studio located in Denver. I was the sole developer on the project. Visual effect requirements like masked background videos and interactive tilt-shifting made for a fun and unique challenge.

Online marketplace for live poultry. I led engineering operations on the project. Client requirements offered a rewarding mix of user interface and architectural challenges to myself and the team.

Enterprise Java application that streamlines supply chain management. I improved existing functionality and used my knowledge of business accounting to implement asset depreciation.

Adamo Demolition
Custom Django-based inventory management and time tracking system for Adamo's heavy equipment. I improved upon the existing system and added new functionality for HR operations.

Featured Open-Source

Command line utility for transforming CSV files.

Utility for managing encrypted folders.

Picture Background
Converts picture tags into background-image CSS styles. Currently running on multiple websites with great success.

Music Server (In-Progress)
Self-hosted music streaming service.